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Buy Top Products On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now As seen above, the operating pressure in the R134a refrigerant system is measured in pounds per square inch. At the lowest temperature, the normal running pressure of the coil is expected to be 22 pounds per square inch. For the highest temperature, the coil runs at a pressure of 57 pounds per square inch gauge Used as a primary replacement for R12 refrigerant, R134a refrigerant is considered a safe option because it has non-toxic and non-flammable properties and doesn't corrode. To help service technicians better understand its properties, below are some common facts and a helpful R134a pressure chart for commercial refrigerators The pressure for an ordinarily operating R134a is between 22 and 57 pounds per square inch (PSI). Remember, there are two sides to the chart; we have the low and the high. Therefore in a normal R134a, the low-pressure side is 90 degrees or less, and the PSI should be close to 30. Having gone through all the above details, you are still wondering R134A Temperature - Pressure Chart. EVAPORATOR CONDENSER Temp.gr. C Suction/bar Ambient temp/gr C Discharge/bar-8,9 1,1 10,0 7,9-6,7 1,2 12,8 8,

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The thermodynamic and physical properties of Freon™ 134a, coupled with its low toxicity, make it a very efficient and safe replacement refrigerant for CFC-12 in many segments of the refrigeration industry, most notably in automotive air conditioning, appliances, small stationary equipment, medium-temperature supermarket cases, and industrial and commercial chillers Having said that, here's the scoop on system pressures in residential refrigerators running R-134a refrigerant: Low Side: About 2 psig, although I've seen these systems pull a slight vacuum, 0 to -3 psig, when down to temperature, meaning the freezer is at 0℉.If you see more than 10 psig on the low side, the system is more than likely overcharged with refrigerant, usually from a servicer. While recharging the system with refrigerant, the 134A manifold gauge pressure should be monitored so the proper amount of refrigerant is used. Two different pressure gauges can be used, either low or high. For a low pressure gauge, a reading of 25 pounds per square inch (psi)to 40 psi is optimum The PT Chart typically lists the pressure on the left, and the corresponding refrigerant boiling point on the right. Refrigerant at these conditions is referred to as saturated. Saturated refrigerant can be 100% vapor, or a mixture of liquid and vapor, or 100% liquid. At temperatures above saturation, the refrigerant becomes super-heated vapor

Example R-134A Refrigerant Temperature vs Pressure Data: Ambient Temperature in °F 1: R134A Vapor Pressure at Sea Level: R-134A Low Side Pressure 2: R-134A High Side Pressure 3: 65.71°F (18°C) 65 psig: 25-35 psi / 172-241 kPa: 135-155 psi / 931-1069 kPa: 69.24°F (21°C) 70 psig: 35-40 psi / 241-276 kPa: 145-160 psi / 1000-1103 kPa: 75.86°F. Refrigerant system tests procedure p h diagram thermodynamics hvac and 134a pressure chart gallery of 2019 refrigerant parison to r404a r507a no slide le Uses Of Refrigeration Low Pressure ControlsWhat Is The Suction Pressure Of An R 134a In A Low Temperature Deep Zer Quora134a Pressure Chart Gallery Of 2019R 134a System Pressure Chart A Line Size Refrigerant Suction Liquid Line Size Refrigerant Suction Liquid O.D. in. Line Line O.D. in. Line Line R-12 0.06 4.30 R-12 0.63 45.90 3/ R414B 0.06 3.40 R414B 0.50 36.70 8 R22 0.08 3.90 SUCTION COMPRESSOR CHECK SUCTION PRESSURE DISCHARGE LIQUID CONDENSER CHECK LIQUID PRESSURE (always use bubble point for conversion) CHECK LIQUID.

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  1. Refrigerant R134a or HFC-134a is a commercially available hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant for use as a long-term replacement for R-12 in new equipment and for retrofitting medium temperature CFC-12 systems. This refrigerant takes a significant step forward in environmental protection by achieving an ozone depletion factor of zero
  2. This is the first in a series of columns addressing advanced basics in the understanding of the refrigeration cycle. All of these columns deal with refrigerant pressures, states, and conditions as applied to a refrigeration system with a refrigerant like R-134a that is not a blend
  3. SUBJECT: TEMPERATURE - PRESSURE CHART FOR FYI #289 9/17/2009 R-22, R-410A, R-407C, R-134A & R-404A REFRIGERANTS ADVANTAGE Engineering, Inc.525 East Stop 18 Road Greenwood, IN 46142 317-887-0729 fax: 317-881-1277 web site: www.AdvantageEngineering.com email: sales@AdvantageEngineering.co

Do you a tech sheet on unit , running pressure is listed on tech sheet. when charging on process stub with unit running the suction will cause u to over charge. What did u use to scale charge Start unit up n post pressures. You also might have a linear compressor with bad valves Edited July 21, 2016 by lvasquez1 It is a 134a system. The low side pressure is approx 9 PSIG. I haven't tapped the high side and won't unless adding refrigerant doesn't fix the problem. So, I don't know what the high side is. I plan to vac it down and recharge it but I want to find out if adding refrigerant fixes it first 3 | Page Version 3.0 - Updated: 6/12/2012 USACO This R134a Refrigeration Technician Handbook was developed as instructional guidelines for refrigeration personnel of ConGlobal and its related companies. We have made this information public solely as a source of information to others who are interested in the servicing of refrigerated containers

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R-134A Refrigerant Pressure Temperature Chart - R-134A is an inert gas also known as Tetrafluoroethane, and for air conditioner systems. Furthermore, R134A is a chemical refrigerant in automotive and domestic use air conditioners. Additionally, HVAC Systems such as chilled water systems in both commercial markets and industrial markets Refrigerant Pressure - Temperature Chart Use the Open or Close icons to see the descriptions below with the icons. Pressure values are displayed for R-22, R-410a, R-407c, R-134a and R-404a refrigerants It all depends on temperature. Design factors in also, but it is still temps. The low side on a refrigerator only will run around 15 psig. If a freezer/Refrig, it will run around 1-5 psig. High side can vary from as low as 100 to over 175, dependi.. Additionally, what are normal operating pressures for r404a? While the system is running, the refrigerant temp in the evap would generally be at 24, so 32 suction pressure while running. The liquid line pressure would also need to be higher then the saturation temp of the outdoor ambient, so liquid line pressure would be at least 254 For the moving coil linear compressor takes R134a as the refrigerant, impact of suction and discharge pressure on th... View A study on the optimization of suction valves in refrigeration compressor

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  1. But there are another factor can cause high suction pressure and low superheat. This factor when the system is overcharged of refrigerant, overfeeding the evaporator with refrigerant leads to higher suction pressure. Case 9: Oversized EXV leads to overfeeding the evaporator, hence, increasing the suction pressure
  2. As the operating pressure in the R134a is measured in pounds per square inch and at the lowest temperature, the pressure of the coil running normally is around 22 pounds per square inch. At the highest temperature, the coil normally runs at a pressure of 57 pounds per square inches gauge
  3. Ideal Gas Heat Capacity Equation (At Constant Pressure) Co p (J/mole · K) = cp1 + cp2 T + cp3 T 2 cp1 = 1.94006 E+01 cp3 = -1.29665 E-04 cp2 = 2.58531 E-01 R = 8.314471 J/mole·K MW = 102.03 Freon™ 134a Refrigerant
  4. 134a high side pressure will be about 18% higher so most systems you need to change the high side cutout.The R-12 electric fan switch will be ok just make sure it is engageing the fan when the pressure comes up.You must check the condensor in front of radiator to make sure air flows easily thru it.On systems where the hoses screw on each side.

Re: Does suction pressure in r-134a drop after the refrigerator gets cold? Domestic refrigerators at R134a, after some years of use, especialy at hot ambients, have tendency to clog capillary tube. Symptoms are almost same as refrigerant leak What is the lowest normal operating suction pressure that is acceptable on R134a chiller running water with no glycol or other low temp additives? We are operating a 280 ton R134a chiller using a 45 deg F evaporator leaving temperature setpoint. ~630 gpm chilled water flow with an evaporator inlet temperature of 46-55 degrees depending on the load

Your suction pressure is too high, 33psi 134a equals 38 degree coil = discharge air of 48 degrees. I will look back and see if you mention high side pressure, I suspect you are over charged by a good bit Suction risers must be sized for the minimum capacity. Table 9 lists minimum refrigeration capacity for various pipe sizes at various saturated suction and suction gas temperatures for refrigerants -22, -134a, -407C, and - 410A. When a suction riser is sized to allow oil return at mini-mum load condition, the pressure drop in this line may b Hello! I am a beginning type 1 tech for refrigerant recovery. Currently working on an LSXS26386S. Recently installed new Linear Compressor. I've included these readings and needed guidance on what these readings mean. This is my first dual evaporator fridge. I am following a recent repair where the compressor and receiver dryer was replaced and the fridge worked for a day according to the. With R134a it's common to see high side pressure between 2.2 and 2.5 times ambient temperature. On that same 80 degree day we would see between 176 and 200 PSI on the high side of an R134a system. The system operates in a specific range based on outside ambient temperature

The pressure ratio to deliver identical refrigerating capacity between R-134a and R-744 favors the R-744 system. With a pressure ratio of 3.1 for R-744, vs. 5 for R-134a, the compressor used in R-744 systems is more efficient and physically smaller. Another advantage of R-744 systems is that there is no condensation of the refrigerant A common goal is to size the Suction, Hot Gas and Liquid lines for about 1Fº pressure drop at design capacity. A Suction line must: • return oil from the evaporator to the R-134a 75.28 2.02 L V R-502 75.95 4.16 L V R-500 72.16 2.29 L V R-22 74.53 2.76 L V. Operating pressures for 134a walk in cooler Its mean refrigerators R134a Gas running Pressure 0 to 20 PSI Running Pressure. R-22 refrigerant is the major refrigerant, or it was. Was dialing in the unit into superheat after the hot pull down and the unit started going off on high head 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane (also known as norflurane (), R-134a, Freon 134a, Forane 134a, Genetron 134a, Florasol 134a, Suva 134a, or HFC-134a) is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and haloalkane refrigerant with thermodynamic properties similar to R-12 (dichlorodifluoromethane) but with insignificant ozone depletion potential and a lower 100-year global warming potential (1,430, compared to R-12's GWP. The results are higher suction pressure because the refrigerant vapor during the downstroke is properly functioning, but the upstroke is incorrectly functioning. You may also have a higher suction pressure due to a leaky discharge valve. This allows the discharge gas to sneak up into the compressor's cylinder during the downstroke

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suction pressure will be approximately 8°F colder than the refrigerant vapor at the outlet of the evaporator (not considering superheat). Therefore, the average refrigerant temperature will be at a midpoint pressure/ temperature equivalent. Example: A -5°F refrigerated space usually requires that the refrigerant temperature in the evaporator b Repeat the procedure 10 to 11 until the suction pressure reaches to 60 psi (as per maker) this avoids the risk of overcharging of the system also keep measuring the refrigerant by the weighing scale. Once the refrigerant has charged, close the refrigerant valve, valve A and B and disconnect all the hoses and secure everything This refrigerant is not 100% compatible with the lubricants and mineral-based refrigerant currently used in R-12. Design changes to the condenser and evaporator need to be done to use this refrigerant. The use of smaller hoses and 30% increase in control pressure regulations also have to be done to the system আজকে আমি আপনাদের কতিপয় রেফ্রিজারেন্ট এর স্থির প্রেসার কত.

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If there is a 6.5 psig pressure drop across the suction line, the refrigerant pressure entering the compressor will be 11.9 psig (18.4 psig - 6.5 psig), or a saturation temperature of 10°. If the condensing temperature remains constant, the capacity of the compressor will drop to 1,880 Btuh with a mass flow of 29 pounds per hour Low-pressure switches are also found on the suction side. Low-pressure switches on Carrier equipment using R-410A are usually set to open at about 50 psi and close at about 100 psi. Note: Heat pumps operating in the heating mode also may have a vapor switch that cycles the outdoor fan when the pressure is about 400 psi, and reset The discharge and suction pressure for R1234yf is 0.23 bar and 0.14 bar higher than R134a, respectively. Higher discharge and suction pressure of R1234yf result in a higher in-cylinder pressure thus higher seal leakage loss and lower efficiency of linear compressor R-134a. Compressor suction and discharge pressures for R-513A will differ slightly from R-134a. The R-513A also has lower compressor discharge temperature than R-134a. When the refrigerant selection is changed in the software, this will change some default setpoints affected by this change. Because of the effects listed above it is advisable t A final difference is that most (though not all) R-1234yf cars will have a Suction Line Heat Exchanger. This part is part of the line assembly and is designed to improve efficiency. They have no moving parts. Operating Pressure/Temperature Differences. The pressure/temperature curves for R-1234yf and R-134a are very similar

9. R-134a is sold over the counter in auto parts stores. Make sure to buy pure R134a with no additives - dye - stop leak - or oil. Charging Procedure for R134a Systems These instructions are intended for minor adjustments of the refrigerant charge. For major repairs or if the tubing has been broken a service agent must vacuum the system Forane 134a Pressure Temperature Chart Author: Arkema Inc. Subject: Forane 134a Pressure Temperature Chart Keywords: Forane 134a, R-134a, Pressure Temperature Chart, PT Chart, HVAC, refrigeration, air conditioning, refrigerant gas Created Date: 10/4/2012 11:23:04 A Due to the differences in suction pressure between Opteon™ XP10 and R-134a, it may be necessary to reset evaporator pressure regulators (EPR) and pressure cutouts to properly operate the system. The discharge pressure of Opteon™ XP10 is slightly higher than R-134a, and may require slight adjustments to condenser fans and head pressure controls

High pressure side is high, low pressure side (suction pressure) is low: Discharge pressure is very high after turning on the A/C switch, and bubbles are seen in the sight glass (if charge valve is located after R/D, discharge pressure is unknown)-----Choking between compressor and R/D: Remove clogged materials, or replace condense includes testing the system's pressure and refrigerant flow. These conditions can be checked with the manifold gauge set. to the suction side of the compressor. Connect the high side . 2 service hose (red) to the discharge side of the compressor. Make sure the couplers are securely R134a R1234yf R134a R1234yf 65˚ 25-35 22-32 135-155. Refrigerants - Saturation Pressures vs. Temperatures - Temperature and pressure diagram for constant boiling refrigerants - imperial and SI units Thermodynamic Properties of Refrigerant R-22 - Properties of R-22 - vapor volume, enthalpy and entropy at pressures from 30 to 260 psi

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Typical 134a charge rate will be approximately 70-80% of the factory R12 charge amount. Systems w/Accumulator The accumulator is most often installed on the evaporator, near the firewall, but occasionally found in the middle of the suction hose between the evaporator and the compressor Many brands attach a reusable hose on the side of the can along with a low-side pressure gauge. R134a is a powerful so that your vehicle uses to keep the cabin interior cool all year round. If your cabin is a little warmer than you'd like, it is likely time for an AC recharge. Buy R134a refrigerant online and pick up your AC recharge can in. R134a increases discharge pressure, and some older compressors are not up to the task. Add the proper Ester or PAG oil to the condenser, compressor and evaporator if necessary. Ester oil is often recommended for use with retrofit systems because it can mix with any remaining traces of mineral oil or R-12 and still lubricate the system properly A wide variety of r134a refrigerant pressure options are available to you, such as not available, 1.5 years. You can also choose from easy to operate r134a refrigerant pressure, as well as from manufacturing plant, hotels, and farms r134a refrigerant pressure, and whether r134a refrigerant pressure is ce

CC7.26.5/0117-1217/E 3/8 13) Compressor suction and discharge pressures for R450A and R513A differ from those for R134a. It may be necessary to reset the pressure cut-outs to suit the different pressures of the replacement refrigerant Air conditioning: fits for all models with R134A suction service port & R12/R22 low pressure side service port 1/4 male connector Refrigerant can: Can with 1/2 ACME male thread bottle opening, self-piercing type Read more. NOTE 1. This AC charging hose is 42 in total. You can buy our another one when you need a shorter hose set, B085TD4DKS. As a result of this, the R134A refrigerant system is more expensive to manufacture and operate a system with the same cooling capacity as the R22 refrigerant. The capacity and pressure of R410A refrigerant are higher than that of R22 refrigerant, and the operating pressure is 50%~60% higher. The result of high pressure and high gas density is. suction, discharge, and liquid line capacities in tons for refrigerant 134a (single- or high-stage applications) line size suction lines ( t = 2°f) discharge lines ( t= 1°f, p= 2.2 psi/100 ft) line size liquid lines saturated suction temperature, °f see notes a and b type l copper, od 2.2 psi 0 10 20 30 40 saturated suction temperature, °f.

Fig. 1 shows the layout of the ACR system. The system uses R23/R134a as mixed refrigerants, designed with suction pressure of 0.12. MPa, compression ratio of 10, refrigerant temperature 30 °C at the outlet of condenser and the mass fraction of R23 at 30%.. The compressor is Copeland semi-hermetic, reciprocating type with 2 hp.The volume of low-temperature cabinet is 100 L, and it is well. AC U CHARGE HOSE: R134A charging hose uses rubber nylon resin material hoses, featured with anti-corrosion, low fluid resistance, high bearing pressure, ensure durability and good air sealing. Max working pressure is 500PSI and burst pressure is upto 2500PSI As the refrigerant is added, the can of R134a may become very cold & even have frost forming on the outside. When the charge in the system is correct according to the conditions described in Section 1, remove the Charging Hose from the suction side service valve while the system is running

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gaseous refrigerants to a high pressure and then condenses the R-134a in a water-cooled separator while the R-23 remains in vapor phase. The stream of liquid R-134a is expanded to the suction pressure and is used to condense the R-23 that remains in vapor phase, operating much like an inter-stage heat exchanger in a cascade cycle The resulting high discharge/low suction pressure condition will result in more liquid refrigerant in the accumulator. The oil return orifice size should be small to prevent excess liquid refrigerant being returned to the compressor. For these systems, a 0.040 inch (1.02 mm) diam-eter orifice is the recommended starting point. For systems with Table 1- Operating conditions with the tested refrigerants R-134a - Baseline Refrigerant Suction Pressure [bar] Suction Saturation Temperature [°C] Discharge Pressure [bar] Discharge Saturation Temperature [°C] Applicable Superheating [°C] Suction Temperature Tsup-Tevap [°C] Ambient Temperature [°C] 3,260 3 6,654 25 22,2 25,2 2 when the refrigerant is in a saturated vapor or superheated con dition (i.e., on the suction and discharge sides of the compres sor). The bubble pressure is used . R-407C is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative for R-22 in positive.to keep Freon⢠407C on hand to ensure that you are prepared to. Discharge Pressure. Because of refrigerant glide, the refrigerant entering the evaporator for.

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Kits for the R134a include fittings with charge port. Includes 8 ft. of #6 (Liquid) refrigerant hose , 4 ft. of #8 (Discharge) refrigerant hose, and 5 ft. of #10 (Suction) refrigerant hose, along with #6, #8, #10 hose mounting clamps, tie wraps, O-ring set, air tight and flexible firewall grommets and fitting lube Pressure: Temperature : Pressure: Temperature : Pressure: Temperature: psig (Hg) Degrees F : psig: Degrees F : psig: Degrees F (22)-62.3 The system should be completely airtight, because when the refrigerant and the air are connected, combustible mixtures are formed. It is used in combination with polyester lubricant. Mixing freon r134a with other refrigerants is not recommended. R-134A Refrigerant Pressure Temperature Char

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  1. d, that an average AC system loses up to 50 grams/2 oz. of refrigerant per year. We match any learning need
  2. existing R-134a equipment. HFO REFRIGERANT (HYDRO-FLUORO-OLEFINS) TECHNICAL GUIDELINES Physical Properties of Refrigerants R-1234yf R-1234ze Container Size Available (Lbs.) 10 Call for information Composition R-1234yf R-1234ze (Weight %) (100) (100) Molecular Weight 114.0 114.04 Boiling Point (1 atm, °F) -21.01 -2.1 Critical Pressure (psia.
  3. Refrigerant Gas R134a Version 2 Revision Date: 20.02.12 Page 5 of 9 Flash Point: Non-flammable Ignition Temperature : n/a Non flammable Upper explosive limit/upper flammability limit: n/a Non flammable Vapour pressure: 4.909 Bar (4909 hPa) at 21oC Liquid Density: 1200 kg/m3 at 25 oC Vapour Density: 5.368 kg/m 3 at 21oC Water solubility: 1.5 g/
  4. R134a Suction And Discharge Pressure Chart Inspirational Fresh 134a R 134a Refrigerant Pressure Temperature Chart Refrigerant Hq Ideas Of Ac Temp Chart Nice 22 Unique 134a Pressure Chart K9a9y0 Refrigerants Temperature And Pressure At Constant Boiling Bagikan Artikel ini
  5. using R-134a, with a 5% to 10% decrease in suction pressure when compared to the same product with an R-12 system operating at 90°F (32°C) ambient temperature conditions. Lower suction pressures result from the lower density of R-134a refrigerant which effects refrigerant flow rate. R-134a systems commonly operate in a 1-2 vacuum on the.

R134a has relatively low pressure and therefore about 50% larger compressor displacement is required when compared to R22. The blended refrigerant R-134a is a long-term, it is an HFC alternative with similar properties to R-12. R134a effectively works in screw chillers where short pipe lengths minimize costs associated with larger tubing R-134a ideally should have between 25 and 45 psi. Open the refrigerant can port, allowing refrigerant to enter the system. Close the port every minute to check the pressure. Continue to add refrigerant until the pressure has reached the correct range Refrigerant is a low-pressure liquid as it leaves the condenser. False - Suction lines, evaporator, and accumulator are all COLD to the touch during operation. R-134a is less _____ than R-12. Why must R-134a refrigerant be recovered and recycled charge/low suction pressure condition will result in more liquid refrigerant in the accumulator. The oil return orifice size should be small to prevent excess liquid refrigerant being returned to the compressor. For these systems, a 0.040 inch (1.02 mm) diameter orifice is the recommended starting point. Systems with a thermostatic expansio

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Vapor-compression uses a circulating liquid refrigerant as the medium which absorbs and removes heat from the space to be cooled and subsequently rejects that heat elsewhere. Figure 1 depicts a typical, single-stage vapor-compression system. All such systems have four components: a compressor, a condenser, a metering device or thermal expansion valve (also called a throttle valve), and an. As an air-conditioning refrigerant in newer automobiles, the optimal running pressure for R134A is between 22 and 57 pounds per square inch. Ass a refrigerant, a liquid capable of vaporizing at low temperature, used in automotive air conditioning, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, states that R134A is not flammable at ambient temperatures and not corrosive to metals such as aluminum.

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R-134A replaced R-12 for automobile air conditioning systems. R-410A is currently being phased in for residential use as the phase period for R-22 draws nearer. The pressure of the refrigerant corresponds with the temperature. Using a PT chart or pressure temperature chart one can determine the pressure or the temperature of the refrigerant MODELING AND TESTING OF R23/R134A MIXED REFRIGERANT SYSTEM WITH WATER COOLED SEPARATOR FOR LOW TEMPERATURE REFRIGERATION By Nicholas Hugh A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School

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As refrigerant flows through pipes the pressure drops and changes the refrigerant saturation temperature. Decreases in both pressure and saturation temperature adversely affect compressor performance. Proper refrigeration system design attempts to minimize this change to less than 2°F (1.1°C) per line R-12 to R-134A Refrigerant Retrofit by Larry Carley copyright 2019 AA1Car.com. If you drive an older vehicle (pre-1994), the air conditioning system contains R-12 refrigerant (Freon). As long as the A/C system has no leaks and it cooling normally, there is no need to convert from R-12 to the new ozone safe R-134a refrigerant

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pressure and the flow CFM for R-134a are very similar to R-12. The GWP value for R-22 is 0.35 as compared to 0.26 for R-134a. The DWP for air cooled application might be lower if R-134a refrigerant is used instead of R-22; however, the capacity of a Suction Specific Volume 7.832 Ft3/Lb 1.206 Ft3/L A refrigeration evaporator is operating with R-22 refrigerant at 69 PSIG suction pressure; its saturation temperature is 40F. This is the temperature at which the refrigerant evaporates from liquid into vapor. As refrigerant moves along the coil, it absorbs heat from the environment surrounding the coil, until the liquid is evaporated..

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The upper limits are linked to economics, pressure drop, and noise whereas the lower ones to oil entrainment and fouling issues. An energetic criterion can be considered to design the piping system; pressure drop in suction and discharge refrigerant lines reduces system efficiency because,as the saturation pressure decreases, the saturation temperature decreases, accordingly Application Guidelines for 1.5 to 6.75 Ton Refrigerant R-22, 407C, 134A Copeland Scroll is designed to open when the discharge to suction differential pressure exceeds 375 to 450 psid (26 - 32 kg/cm2). When the valve opens, hot discharge ga R-450A or R-134a. R-12 is a refrigerant that was typically used for medium temperature supermarket systems. R-12 is a class I CFC refrigerant under the Clean Air Act and as such is regulated under the class I ODS phase out within the clean air act. This includes a ban on production or import of R-12 as of 1995. R-401A & R-409A are refrigerants

Figure 1: Vapour pressure of different refrigerants versus temperature The low pressure level is connected to a relatively high critical temperature. This gives a good cooling capacity even at high condensing temperature. R 600a has roughly 50 % of R 12 or 55 % of R 134a volumetric capacity at 55 °C condens-ing temperature, as seen in figure 2 Rebuild suction throttling valve. Install 134a charge port adapters. Charge with 134a between 70-80% of the original R12 charge amount. Note: Suction throttling valve will need to be adjusted during the charging process to properly adjust the low side by-pass pressure to 20psi. Replace any O-rings with 134a compatible. Recommended Low-side air conditioner compressor motor pressure: this is the pressure in the air conditioner's refrigerant suction line (low side pressure during compressor operation) and this will be a relatively low number, often less than 100 psi. During operation refrigerant is returning to the compressor from the cooling (evaporator) coil in this line

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R134a (tetrafluoroethane) is an environmental non-ozone-depleting refrigerant, the cooling capacity and efficiency and R12 is very close, they were regarded as long-term alternative to R12. R134a is widely used in automotive air conditioning and residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, but also as a blowing agent for rigid foam insulation materials production One of the key benefits of hydrocarbons is the reduction in refrigerant charge. Compared to R22 and R134a, R290 results in a 40% reduction in refrigerant charge. R600a results in a 45% reduction in charge compared to R134a, and a 60% reduction compared to R12. Suction pressure 3-5°C below the environment temperature; Compressor discharge. R-513A is an azeotropic blend of 56% R-1234yf and 44% R-134a, which means it does not separate into those two components during operating temperatures and pressures—it basically behaves like a single chemical refrigerant with a pressure-temperature curve close to R-134a The aim of the current work is to study the oil retention and pressure drop in suction lines for a mixture of R134a as refrigerant and AB ISO 32 as the lubricating oil. The oil retention and pressure drop were evaluated in horizontal and vertical suction lines with an internal diameter of 10.2 mm and length approximately 2 m Genetron 134a for the initial charge in their new vehicles. Additionally, retrofit kits for converting CFC-12 systems to Genetron 134a are widely available. Honeywell is also proud to offer Genetron 134aUV, a special formulation of Genetron 134a and a refrigerant-soluble dye that fluoresces when exposed to ultraviolet light 3.1 Pressure Release 3.2 Recovery of Refrigerant 3.3 Handling of Refrigerant R-12 R134a Refrigerant Purity J1990 J2099 Recycling Machine J1989 J2210, J2788 6.6.2 Suction gas conditions • Minimum continuous: 6 psig (up to 4000 rpm for optimum life

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