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  3. We believe that people need to relate with plants in order to create healthy communities. Our mission is to produce new technologies for growing plants and educate the world on how to restore sustainable growing practices.. Our very first commercial system, which was donated to the California State Fai

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For best results, dip cuttings into a rooting gel, such as EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound. Doing so promotes quicker, more abundant root growth. When applying rooting gel to the cuttings, be sure to coat the bottom and never, ever, ever dip directly into the bottle (unless you plan to use its entirety on one plant) After several rounds of testing and seeing results favoring one option over the other, we decided to elucidate the point by setting up a 14-day cloning cycle with two identical EZ-CLONE Classic Plant Cloning Systems EZ-CLONE Low Pros require no daily maintenance. Because the cuttings do not dry out, the EZ-CLONE system requires NO humidity dome. Not only does this allow the plants to breathe and transpire, it also drastically reduces the risk of airborne fungi such as powdery mildew and it eliminates plant stress

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  1. Ez-Clone is the industry standard for effective aeroponic cloning. By developing a machine back in the 1990's that moved away from the Dutch style gel-and-rockwool to the modern aeroponically fed plant stems, Ez-Clone set a new standard for cloning efficiency, growth, and ease of use
  2. The Clone King 25 Site Cloning Machine Utilizes An Aeroponic Cloning Method To Make Successful Cloning Quick And Easy. Plant Cuttings Are Suspended In Mid-Air Where They Are Sprayed Constantly By A Highly-Oxygenated Aeroponic Mist. Roots Will Start To Appear In As Little As 3-5 Days For Most Varieties
  3. EZ Clone EZCL-BL16-LP-1 Low Pro 16 Hydroponic Cloning System, Black$129.16(120)In Stock
  4. EZ-CLONE is now conveniently packaging all of our Misters in the perfect replacement amount for all EZ-CLONE Classic Cloning Systems, or any small or large use application
  5. EZ Clone Low Pro 128 Cloning System Every aspect of this Aeroponic Cloning System has been carefully thought out and designed with the utmost passion, to produce the most effective and user friendly cloning system ever seen

EZ-CLONE Low Pro 2016 Model White 64 Cloner Ez-cloning Machine. $339.60 New. EZ Clone Classic 32 Cutting System Low Profile. 4.8 out of 5 stars (5) Total Ratings 5, $248.35 New. EZ-CLONE Clear Rez Solution for Plant Cloning 32 Ounce. 5 out of 5 stars (3) Total Ratings 3, $39.00 New Check out our simple, aeroponic recipe for getting 100% success rate in rooting clones in only 14 days. Just mix the ingredients, take the cuttings and then.. EZ-Clone is an award winning propagation manufacturer, providing the hydroponics industry with the highest quality aeroponic cloning systems available! Shop Hydrobuilder's supply of EZ-Clone products today Cloning with the EZ CloneSome growers have a love or hate relationship with the EZ-Clone, but it can be very efficient.Knowing the pH and maintaining the pH. EZ-Clone Cloning Collars are designed specifically to be used in the EZ-Clone Cloning System. They are manufactured from a sterile material and are engineered to protect and hold your cuttings upright in the lid. Exposing the top leaves to air and light, while the stems are completely unrestricted to the inside of the misting chamber

EZ Clone 16-site: https://amzn.to/2tjoA3wEZ Clone 32-site: https://amzn.to/2t7lMaAEZ Clone 64-site: https://amzn.to/2JWRPAcEZ Clone 128-site: https://amzn.to.. EZ-CLONE Enterprises Inc. was established in 2000 by Billy Blackburn and Brad Mickelsen. These Gentlemen have been Horticulture Growers for two decades. EZ-CLONE is honored to be one of the top, A-List brands in the Hydroponic and Indoor Gardening Industry 1 product rating - EZ Clone EZCL-BL16-LP-1 Low Pro 16 Hydroponic Cloning System Black. $182.25. Save up to 5% when you buy more. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Free returns. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. Lot of 2 Clone Machine LG Bucket Manifold EZ Hydroponic Cloning EZ 360 Jets . Brand New. $89.99. or Best Offer

Made from durable fully recyclable HDPE the EZ-Clone classic 32 features over 75 improvements. From the leak resistant cord outlet that allows multiple cords, to the specially designed recessed drain for easier draining of your reservoir to customized manifolds, everything has been considered to take cloning to the next level Part 1 of 2 of how I propagate my cannabis plant using a 16 site EZ CLONE

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systems, the EZ-CLONE was designed to be used indoors or in a temperature controlled environment. When I was creating and first started using the EZ-CLONE, I noticed that if my water temperature was getting over 80 degrees in the reservoir, the cuttings were prone to developing harmful bacteria. Thi EZ Cloner: This is a follow up to my Eb and flow bucket. It is a little late, but better late than never I guess. If you are into hydroponic growing, you will know an EZ Cloner from a store can cost $300-$400. That's crazy. So I made m

Cloning. Ilco offers solutions that are designed to clone transponder keys at the counter. Products are available that have been specifically designed for professional and retail environments EZ-CLONE Aeroponic Plant Cloning 128 Low Pro System (1) Model# EZCL-WH128-LP-1. EZ-CLONE Aeroponic 7 oz. Drain Plug Assembly (2) Model# EZDRAIN. EZ-CLONE Aeroponic 128 oz. Clear Rez (1 Gal.) Model# EZREZ-128. EZ-CLONE Aeroponic Plant Cloning Plastics Lid and Reservoir. Model# EZCL-BL128-PLA-1 Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today The EZ-Clone 30-site cloning system you should achieve 100% rooting success with your plant cuttings in about five (5) days! The EZ-Clone 30 combines a custom molded reservoir, leak resistant lid and mist manifold with a dependable mag drive water pump to deliver a fine aeroponic mist to your plant cuttings

Made from durable fully recyclable HDPE the EZ-Clone classic 32 features over 75 improvements. From the leak resistant cord outlet that allows multiple cords, to the specially designed recessed drain for easier draining of your reservoir to customized manifolds, everything has been considered to take cloning to the next level EZ-Clone Clear Rez is a pH balanced, noninvasive EZ-Clone Clear Rez is a pH balanced, noninvasive water treatment. It is designed to keep all of the internal workings of your cloning system crystal clear and operating at peak performance. It is designed to be used throughout your entire cloning cycle as a possible preventive measure for a.

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The EZ Cloner uses aeroponics, provides an even mist to help your cutting grow healthy roots quickly. The EZ Clone Classic 16 comes with 16 EZ Collars, a lid, manifold, water pump, misters, adapter and a reservoir. No humidity dome required. We really like how small this cloner is and how well the roots formed, the roots get well misted An aeroponic cloning machine SHOULD NEVER be run in cycles. Running in cycles came about because the ez clone pump was overkill—overheating the water and killing the clones. You won't have any overheating issues with our product. Also before anyone comments that depriving the cuttings of water causes faster root growth that is wrong Shane Banning of EZ-Clone goes over some common misconceptions and misunderstandings and comes up with ways to improve your aeroponic cloning technique.. The following is an article produced by a contributing author. Growers Network does not endorse nor evaluate the claims of our contributors, nor do they influence our editorial process The method the ez cloner uses should always roots cuts fast in theory, but a lot of people over the yrs have had a hard time dealing w/ the high temps>>>THE main reason why it can take forever for cuts to root, if at all Collars Sterilized (Check!), Cloner Sterilized (Check!)but water treatment? The new frontier! I had two 60 site EZ-Clones by that point and the experiment was clear as day. Chlorine spiked vs untreated. Untreated FAILED with this well water offering the worst results--the horrid slime in the cloner

Yes, it is much better to run a timer. I run aero cloner, aero veg and flower andI run all 80secs on and 8mins off. This does many things like allows res temp control and roots to get o2, and contrary to above comment, will also keep them plenty alive. I just went through a 20hr power outage and didn't even see drooping in any of the plants The EZ-Clone has 4 progress LEDs (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) that will turn blue to indicate the completed percentage of the clone process. The result is two identical drives containing the same files, boot sector, partition table and file system format. If the target drive is larger than the source drive, the remaining partition of the drive that. EZ-Clone® ultra efficient, super high output water pumps are great for any application. The pump is smaller in physical size, creating less heat. Fully coated impellers make for a smooth and quiet operation

Aeroponic Cloning Tips Number Four. The Cloning Environment. While a good quality and well designed aeroponic cloning system like the EZ Cloner series is a high performance garden tool, putting it in a less than ideal environment can limit your level of potential results Learn how to build an easy plant cloning system with 3 different variations. The first 2 are aeroponic cloners and the last is a simple hydroponic cloning me.. EZ-Clone Cloning Collars are designed specifically to be used in the EZ-Clone Cloning System. They are manufactured from a sterile material and are engineered to protect and hold your cuttings upright in the lid. Exposing the top leaves to air and light, while the stems are completely unrestricted to the inside of the misting chamber.. Aeroponic 10 oz. Soft Cloning Collars (65-Pack) EZ-Clone Cloning Collars are designed specifically EZ-Clone Cloning Collars are designed specifically to be used in the EZ-Clone Cloning System. They are manufactured from a sterile material and are engineered to protect and hold your cuttings upright in the lid

i just found out from ez clone and other sites they say no organic ph up or down it DRIFTS ph too much (which i use). and you need to set it lower 5.2 cause it will go higher in the first 24-48 hrs to 5.8-6.3 aprox and use ro water or tap.no distilled it dosent have good results.and rez temps around 70-72. and keep checking the ph Regiment has been 20 gal of our organic water which goes through a charcoal and uv filter, 4oz of Clear Res as recommended by EZ Cloner. 1st try: got slime after 2 days, replaced water every day for a week, got amazing roots after 7 days 2 white, but couldn't kick the slime, threw the clones away

Aeroponic Plant Cloning Plastics Lid and Reservoir Every aspect of this Aeroponic Cloning System Every aspect of this Aeroponic Cloning System has been carefully thought out and designed with the utmost passion, to produce the most effective and user friendly cloning system ever seen. The overall height has been reduced by 4 in. while increasing the structural integrity of the new proprietary. I bought a ez-cloner and didnt get a single root on any of my clones. R/O with ph of 5.8 I think my problem was water temps as they were in the low 80's. I used a clone dome, heat mat and rapid rooters and got 100% success. The ez-cloner is going to sit in the closet for now Witness a time-lapse of freshly taken cuttings rebounding from devastating wilt in this EZ-CLONE research simulation of user error or pump failure.Take Away-.. What Nutrients to Use In EZ Clone Machines. QUESTION: I have a homemade EZ clone machine that constantly mists my cuttings and am wondering what type of water I should use inside it? Should it be distilled water? Should it have any nutes in it? Does it need to have any target PH or any rooting hormones

My Ez-Cloner runs 24/7, water with EWC tea. I always have cuttings at different stages in the cloner, some with big long merlin beard roots and others that are brand new and will need 7-10 days to pop roots. Should I be feeding the clones with roots a small dose of food in the ez cloner.. Ez cloner in RO water. Cloner hooked to a temp probe and shuts off at 77 fahrenheit. Light is a normal cfl bulb 6 feet up. i didnt put any chemicals or cloning gel etc. Just plain RO water The RH is 65. No dome. Its in a 3x3 tent with exhaust fan to come on every 20 mins for 3 mins Was pretty scared when I put the cuttings in this ez cloner as they looked like dead wet spinach initially (not just wilting but full on flacid laying on the horizontal surface dieing plants) I ended up making a home made humidity dome to fit over the the EZ 60. Not sure these plants would have made it without the dome Before the ez-cloner, i had almost 0% success with different methods. This is the first time I've used the ez-c and 100% success rate...just a little slow, but if that's what it takes, so be it. Vegetable rights and Any issues I have had were maintenance /cleaning of my ez cloner . Reactions: westcoast420 and H1ghTime. S. steveydvee Well-Known Member. Jan 23, 2021 #4 I cleaned it with bleach prior. Soaked the manifold, rinsed and changed the water. Washed all my inserts with heavy bleach in the washing machine. Can't scrub inside the manifold but I did my.

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If conditions are right (WEAK solution, stable reservoir temps, WEAK lighting), then your EZ Cloner should be popping roots at least within 10-14 days. I would also make sure the final cut is done on the clone with a sterile razor at about a 2:00 o'clock angle and dip each clone in a rooting compound before making the trip to the cloner EZ-Clone EZCL9BL Instructions Author: 1000Bulbs.com Subject: Increase your indoor crop yeild with the EZ-Clone EZCL9BL Classic 9 plant cloning system. Grab low prices on all hydroponics systems at 1000Bulbs.com! Keyword The EZ-Clone 120 cloning machine is the easiest way to produce healthy clones. Its not uncommon to see roots in 5 days with 100% success. EZ-Clone cloning machines come equipped with neoprene collars to gently hold your cuttings in the mist of water and air providing an optimum environment for roots to thrive Urban Garden had an article a few months ago and in it talked with the creator of the EZ Clone. He suggested Clonex rooting gel and tapwater. That's it. Thats what I use and it works great. Another thing I do is hook it up to a timer that runs 15min on and 15 min off 24/7. This helps keep water temps down and seems to help promote root growth

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This is my first time cloning ever. I though i would share it with you all. I built my ez-cloner for just under 55$(for everthing) I though about getting a real one, but to pay 300 some odd $$$ to get a ez-cloner is a little steep i thought. So i got on to google looking for DIY stuff and found.. Aeroponic Hydroponic Cloner Garden Spray Bar System Manifold EZ Clone Cloner 6 $9.25. Free shipping. Make Offer - Aeroponic Hydroponic Cloner Garden Spray Bar System Manifold EZ Clone Cloner 6 Hydroponic Aeroponic Cloner Sprayer Mister Fogger. $17.53 +$16.01 shipping Ez-Clone 128 Low Pro System White. 4.3 out of 5 stars 7. $543.43 $ 543. 43. Get it by Saturday, Apr 17. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Amazon's Choice for ez cloner 120 Pack 2 Rainbow xGarden Clone Collars - Advanced Spoke Design - Premium Neoprene Inserts for Net Pots and Cloning Machines EZ-CLONE Clear Rez⠢ is a pH-balanced, non-invasive water treatment designed to keep all of the internal workings of your cloning system crystal clear and operating at peak performance. It is designed to be used through out your entire cloning cycle as a possible preventive measure for a multitude of problems in your reservoir successful cloning. We have experienced successful cloning with temperatures as high as 85 degrees with the use of Clear Rez™. D A I L Y M A I N T E N A N C E One of the most valuable benefits of using the EZ-CLONE® is that it is designed to plug in and produce roots. M

The EZ-Dock 3 also has a Power and two Drive LEDsatus indicators. Stand-Alone Disk Cloning. A feature that allows you to duplicate or clone the entire drive to another faster or larger drive wihtout having to connect to a PC. Simply plug the source drive to Bay-1 and the new drive to Bay-2, turn on the EZ-Dock 3 power and simply push the clone. EZ-Clone Colored Cloning Collars White (35/Bag) $ 13.02 Add to cart Quick View; EZ-Clone EZ-Coco Seed Starts (35/Pack) $ 13.02 Add to cart Quick View; EZ-Clone Neoprene Insert Hard (35/Bag) $ 13.02 Add to cart Quick View; EZ-Clone Neoprene Insert Hard (65/Bag) $ 24.18 Add to cart Quick View; EZ-Clone Neoprene Insert Soft (35/Bag) $ 13.02 Add to. EZ-CLONE . Home / EZ-CLONE. Showing all 19 results. MSRP: $ 323.95. EZ-CLONE®128 Low Pro Lid and Reservoir $ 278.92. Select options. MSRP: $ 495.99. EZ-CLONE®128 Low Pro System $ 427.04. Select options. MSRP: $ 124.15. EZ-CLONE®16 Low Pro Lid and Reservoir $ 106.89. Select options. MSRP: $ 175.99. EZ-CLONE®16 Low Pro System. EZ-Clone Low Pro 128 Site Cutting System, White. EZ-Clone Low Pro 128 Site Cutting System, Black. SKU: EZCLBL128LP1. Brand: EZ Clone. SRP: $495.99 Hey people lets talk about cloning temperatures...some say 70 some say 80. When I take clones using Rapid Rooters and a Dome... I get quicker roots in summertime when the temp is 80... in the wintertime the temp drops down to around 70 and the clones take twice as long to root. I have the ez..

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Clonex ® Clone Solution. Clonex ® Clone Solution is a plant nutrient specifically formulated for rooted clones and seedlings. It contains a special blend of the highest quality minerals including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Calcium plus other essential elements that all plants require for root development and vigorous growth i bought a 30 site ez-cloner,this is my second attempt no clones yet...anyone who can help please feel free!!!! I dont have a ph meter which i need desperately but i set the p.h around 6.0 .Using ezclone gel,fishtank heater in to keep water at 78%.strain is blueberry,plants are staying alive for.. Ez-Clone Replacement Manifolds . The new and improved EZ-CLONE Classic Manifold is better than ever. With individually sized manifolds for each system size of the EZ-CLONE Classic Line. Optimal spray coverage is achieved with precise mister placement. Made from highly durable PVC plastic, these manifolds are ultrasonically welded during the.


EZ-CLONE Enterprises, Inc. | Leader in Horticulture Aeroponic Cloning The EZ-CLONE Commercial Pro System features the newest innovation in precision aeroponic propagation designed for full-time, year-round production of cuttings. Cloning Sites - 459 Total Cuttings Total Power Consumption - 5.1 Amps / 612 Watt

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EZ-Clone - Machine 120 Water Pump (Mag 1125) (EZWP1125) $109.95 $102.45. Add to cart. EZ-Clone - Machine 30 Water Pump (Mag 750) (EZWP750) $69.95 $65.75. Add to cart. EZ-Clone - Machine 60 Water Pump (Mag 950) (EZWP925) $89.95 $92.59. Add to cart. EZ-Clone - Neoprene Insert(35/bag) (EZCNI)(706390 I am selling a new in box cloner. Check out EZ clone website for the specs., or if you are not sure what you are looking at. This is a high end unit, perfect for a Medical grow operation. It comes in a large box, 10x25x45. I will ship and can find out costs as requested. Price is firm. Thanks for lookin EZ Gig IV Cloning software is a powerful, yet easy to use tool that gives you the option of creating an exact clone of your hard drive - perfect for hard drive upgrades or for creating bootable backups of your system OR for those who wish to clone to a smaller capacity drive, such as fast solid state drive, the option to exclude selected media files from the copying process to save space EZ Clone offers some of the highest quality cloning systems in the hydroponic industry. These are the next generation in cloning technology made entirely in the USA. EZ Clone Cloning Machines all come with Danner Mag Drive Pumps with manufacturers lifetime warranty. Custom Collars for easy insertion and extraction of cuttings, and an EZ-CLONE Air Pump providing External Forced Air Intake. The general trend in automotive keys has been from fixed code to encrypted code transponders. The Ilco EZ®-Clone PLUS allows the operator to clone Texas Instrument (TI) and Philips encrypted code and fixed code transponder keys. The simple two button operationmakes it ideal for the retail environment

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EZ-CLONE Enterprises Inc was established in 2001 from individuals who are growers, just like you, so they understand your demand for superior products and can thoroughly fulfill your needs. Our years of experience have earned us the knowledge to turn this once difficult aspect of growing into a pleasurable and maintenance free process Cloning Cannabis using an EZ-Cloner. Written By Chewberto420. Today I am Offering a simple tutorial using an EZcloner to Marijuana Growers. Make sure you are aware and understand your state laws regarding Growing Cannabis. It is Federally illegal to grow Cannabis, However, In.

EZ Gig IV Cloning Software; Refine by Browse by Brand, Price & more Hide Filters Show Filters Price Update New Products. Choose Options. Quick view Add to My Wish List. Aegis Secure Key 3NXC. $59.00 - $179.00. Add to Cart Buy Now. Quick view Add to My Wish List. Aegis Configurator™ Central Database Version. Long-lasting, easy to sterilize, microwavable cloning collars for EZ-Clone, TurboKloner, Power Clone, Oxyclone, Clone King, Psycloner & DIY systems. Switch Now

TurboKlone® Aeroponic Cloners provide the best growing experience on the market. Our patented self-cooled system maintains temperatures and creates a better cloning environment. Available in different sizes, we have a cloning solution for all your aeroponic needs The EZ-Clone sprayer heads have about the same threads as a number 10 wood screw. It is one of the reasons we are using that brand. If you use a mister head from Lowes, Homedepot or any other hardware store, you may need to find another way to tap that hole correct Unblocked Games - the most popular entertainment on the Internet, and difficult will not agree with it. The popularity they deserved thanks to the small size, free of charge and easy, but very fascinating game process. At the moment there are more than 100.000 thousand free Unblocked Games 66 EZ and their number every day only continues to grow

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HGC706392 - EZ-Clone 360 Sprayer Red (100/Bag) EACH CASE PALLET; Upc: 40628140252: 10040628140259: 20040628140256: Quantity: 2000: 99999: Volume (cf): 0.001: 0.21 1 product rating - Ez-Clone 128 Low Pro System White Seedling Starter Tools Growing Clones Garden. C $1,210.91. From United States. Buy It Now +C $91.09 shipping estimate. S 4 p o E A n U s C o r e d B 0 H J 0 N. EZ-Clone Low Pro 16 Site Cutting System Aeroponic Hydroponic Plant White. Brand New. C $210.66

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The EZ-Clone seems to be a perfect nursery for bacteria. I keep a pretty clean ship, and even ran air filters in the room to keep it cleaner, but slime always seemed to find it's way in. Even 100% rooted batches with clusters of inch long roots would suddenly yellow and die after some slime formed, and roots turned from white to brownish The new EZ-CLONE Classic is a dramatically improved and updated version of the EZ-CLONE Original, which has been a staple of Aeroponic Cloning in the Hydroponic Industry for over a decade. This beautiful system is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and has been engineered and perfectly thought out to bring you the same amazing results as. Verdict: If you're looking for a budget cloner, go with the Clone King models. Other Options. I tested two other cloners: the ones from EZ Clone, and the Clone Bucket. Let's start with the Clone Bucket. In my opinion, if you're going to buy a Clone Bucket you may as well just build one yourself The EZ-Clone is the Cadillac of cloning machines. Units are custom made exclusively for cloning plants. The EZ-Clone comes with custom neoprene collars, high flow-rate irrigation system, external air intake system, leak-resistant lid, deep lid base for easy access, and samples of Anti-Pathogen solution EZ-Clone Low Pro 16 Cutting System. Manufactured from durable UV protected HDPE plastic Reduced overall height for increased structural integrity of the proprietary lid and reservoir; Designed with four-way finger slots lid for improved cloning collar extraction and with alphanumeric labels to allow simple identification of multiple strain

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Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is an independent, nonprofit organization that writes testing standards and tests products for safety and certifies them.UL has developed more than 800 standards for safety, and millions of products and their components are tested to UL's safety standards EZ-CLONE is proud to announce the introduction of the brand new and smallest Cloning System we have ever designed, the EZ-CLONE 9 SITE SYSTEM. Every aspect of this Aeroponic Cloning System has been carefully thought out and designed with the utmost passion, to produce the most effective and user friendly cloning system ever seen EZ-Clone Clear Rez is designed to help keep aeroponic cloning systems components such as reservoirs, pipes, pumps, and irrigation systems free from buildup during the cloning process. EZ-Clone Clear Rez is suitable for use at any stage of plant development. Keeps your reservoir clean of nutrient salt buildup, plant matter, and algae i bought an e z clone and it does work with 99% success for me but i have never rooted in 5 days 7 to 8 days was the fastest i have had a nice set of roots. and very soon after spending 300 bucks on an ez clone i found that i could of made my own for less than 100. so it is definitly worth building! good luck

DIY Aeroponic Cloner 35 Site System built for $60 - YouTubeBotanicare Power Cloner 165 | HTG SupplyOrphan Black Clones | DIY Geeky Costumes | POPSUGAR Tech

Aeroponic plant cloners can be as simple and small as the EZ-Clone 9 Site Cloning System, or as large as the Ez-Clone 459 Site Commercial Cloning System. Which cloning machine is best for you will come down to your budget, the level of automation you want to achieve, and how many clones you want to cultivate at once EaseUS backup software is the best EZ Gig IV cloning software alternative when EZ Gig IV clone failed, stuck, freezes or not recognizing the drive. Download and try it to clone a hard disk in Windows 10/8/7 and all the other previous versions for backup, hard drive upgrade or system & data transfer with ease EZ-Clone neoprene 3 / 4 cloning collars (box of 65) CAN $81.24 CAN $74.99. Sold out Quick view. EZ-Clone 16 Low Pro black CAN $245.99. Add to cart Quick view. EZ-Clone 32 Low Pro black CAN $377.99. Add to cart Quick view. EZ-Clone 64 Low Pro black CAN $525.99. Add to cart. The TurboKlone Aeroponic Cloning Unit for Cannabis and Hemp. The Best Value cost per site in the cloning business. Patented technology to help grow your roots healthier and faster. Grow your own Cannabis and Hemp Today! Cloning cannabis has never been easier. At home and Commerical Growing units available Custom Collars for easy insertion and extraction of cuttings. No Humidity Dome required! Use with EZ-CLONE Rooting Compound for optimal results. EZ Clone Cloning Systems - introducing the next generation in cloning technology. New 30, 60 and 120 cutting units; Easy to use - start cloning in minutes; Root in 5 days with 100% success; Standard. EZ Clone 360 Sprayer 200 Pack - replacement mister nozzle cloning hydroponics. $33.97. 10 left. Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden Cloner Sprayer Manifold 7 x 7 EZ Clone Seed System. $17.00. 2 sold. Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden Seeds Plant Clone Sprayer Manifold 14x7 EZ Cloner 32. $23.00. 1 sold

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