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Read First Please support all the hard work by subscribing to my videos, I appreciate it. How to fix the stuck DVD Dr.. disc tray on Xbox 360 is stuck open I dropped a cell phone on the disc tray of my Xbox 360 when it was open. Now the tray won't close and makes a clicking noise

YouTube stuck Xbox 360 disc drive and you might find some helpful videos. 4. Share. Report Save. level 1. Corona. Xenon 1 year ago. Inside the disc drive, the is a small rubber band. Clean it, put it back in. Worked for my OG xbox. 3. Share. Report Save. level 1. 1 year ago 79.9k members in the xbox360 community. Everything and anything related to the Xbox 360. News, reviews, previews, rumors, screenshots, videos and

Quick guide to fixing a stuck disk drive on an original xbox (works on 360s as well GamerGuy51 teaches viewers how to fix a stuck Drive on your XBox 360. First, you will want to take the disk drive of the XBox 360 apart. The problem is the central small disc of the XBox's drive. What you will need to do is replace the drive belt Like & Subscribe For More Videos!Buy Cheap Games & Tech Here:http://amzn.to/13Ur6Pjdopesoner.comStay up to date with projects, news, and giveaways!Follow Me:..

There is a little hole to the right of the disc tray on the front of the Xbox. If you insert a thin but stiff wire (as he suggested a paper-clip is suitable) and push it unlocks the tray drawer so.. Your Xbox 360 disc tray may get stuck in the closed position from time to time. Here are some steps to try if it's stuck shut and the eject button won't open it. 1. Try to remove the faceplate and hit the eject button again to see if the faceplate is blocking the tray somehow. If the faceplate is what's blocking the tray from opening, you. A detailed tutorial video on How to open the Xbox 360 Slim CD / DVD / Disk Drive tray without damaging your console and to fix the stuck tray.Make sure you c.. Orient the Xbox 360 S so that the bottom of the console is facing toward you. Push the latch holding down the hard drive cover to the left. Pull the hard drive cover away from the console

How to fix Xbox 360 stuck disc tray, EASIEST WAY EVER

Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to fix the rod red ring of death on your malfunctioning XBox 360. You'll need to be able to know how to take apart your XBox and extract the individual disc drive. This tutorial will show you how to disassemble your DVD disc drive to make the proper repairs Xbox 360 Fat disk drive issues. So I recently repaired the stuck disk drive on my fat Xbox 360 by opening it up and cleaning the rubber band that drive the disk tray. I put it back together and everything works fine. So I asked my friend who has the same model Xbox with the same disk tray issues, did the exact same fix on his one but now the. Some Xbox One consoles may encounter a stuck disc issue due a software glitch or a hardware malfunction. Normally, a good working Xbox One should allow you to eject a disc either by selecting a. Xbox 360 - Xbox Live Arcade and Marketplace I don't mean the normal kind where if you push it in, it spits it back out. I'm talking about a full out jam and my disk tray is just sticking out and can't be pushed back in If you are serious about modding your XBox 360, and painting the console is a part of your plan, then you should paint as many parts as you can to make the coolest overall look. This video will show you how to remove the tray from the disc drive of your XBox 360, allowing you to paint it or manipulate it in whatever other way you like. This way, when the drive pops out, it will match your.

PS Be advised the latest microsoft xbox 360 Dec. update is causing problems with alot of xbox 360's, we are seeing 6 out of 10 consoles getting disc read errors. ie: unrecognizable disc. and open tray errors. Thanks M Microsoft Xbox 360 Disc Drive Replacement/Xbox 360 DVD Drive Phillips Liteon (DG-16D2S: A0A1/A0A2) with Laser (HOP-141X) + Nextec T10 Screwdriver 3.6 out of 5 stars 134 $26.90 $ 26 . 9 Microsoft Xbox 360 Disc Drive Replacement/Xbox 360 DVD Drive Phillips Liteon (DG-16D2S: A0A1/A0A2) with Laser (HOP-141X) + Nextec T10 Screwdriver 3.6 out of 5 stars 37 $29.90 $ 29 . 9 Xbox 360 Disk drive stuck? I just got a Xbox 360 (Brand new), set it up, and the disk drive wont open. I press the eject button, and it says its opening on the screen, but it wont The Lucky Dog 5 x Optical DVD Drive Replacement Belt Ring for Xbox 360 / Slim and DVD Drives Stuck Open Tray, works, it opens and closes my drive tray but with some hesitation. I feel they should be a tad smaller. My original band was stretched out and the new band was a bit smaller

Details about Microsoft Xbox 360 60GB White Console Disc Drive Stuck. 27 product ratings. 4.0 average based on 27 product ratings. 5. 5 Stars, 17 product ratings 17. 4. 4 Stars, 4 product ratings 4. 3. 3 Stars, 1 product rating 1. 2. 2 Stars, 0 product ratings 0. 1. 1 Stars, 5 product ratings 5. Good graphics. Fun How To: Fix an Xbox 360 ring of death with a heat gun How To: Fix a stuck disc drive on your XBox 360 How To: Extract the key from a LiteOn DG-16D2S XBox 360 drive How To: Fix an Xbox 360 with E74 and RROD damages How To: Burn Xbox 360 game ISOs to a dual-layer DV

Repairing Xbox 360 Stuck Optical Drive - iFixit Repair Guid

1-16 of over 1,000 results for xbox 360 s dvd drive Replacement for Philips Lite-on DG-6M5S-01B Blu-ray Disc DVD Drive Replacement for Microsoft Xbox One S Slim Console $32.99 $ 32 . 9 Your Xbox 360 disc tray may get stuck in the closed position from time to time. Here are some steps to try if it's stuck shut and the eject button won't open it. 1. Try to remove the faceplate and hit the eject button again to see if the faceplate is blocking the tray somehow The Xbox 360 / 360 S disc tray be blocked by the faceplate, the gears that open the disc tray could be temporarily stuck and need a little nudge before the disc tray can resume operating normally or just need to be moved to the horizontal instead of vertical position Hi! I've had my Xbox 360 Elite console since 2007 and not had any problems until a few months ago when my disc tray started getting stuck when I try to open it. I'm still experiencing the problem now, and after trying the guides in the support section of the website, the problem persists

Today I went to the store and bought a new Live Membership. Entered it in and opened my disk tray and put in BO:2 for the first time in a month or so. Then I decided to play some MW3 and went to open it and it got stuck. So, first instinct, i pried the tray open and removed the disk. then i pushed it back in and it got stuck again You need to open up your disk drive and spin the little white wheel looking thing until it goes back in. You might also have to do other things to get it timed right. Ha1rycow - 11 years ago 2

Xbox 360 disc tray stuck please help When i tried to open the disc tray it opened fine and i got my old game but when i went to put it back in the xbox opened the disc tray again and just kept opening it when i shut it.then i tried a different game and it is stuck now i have tried Prying it out but nothing is working Xbox 360 disc drive is stuck, can somebody help me figure out why this is happening? Help thread. Close. 3. Posted by. Xbox 360 & Xbox One S. 1 year ago. Archived. Xbox 360 disc drive is stuck, can somebody help me figure out why this is happening? Help thread. Play. 0:00. 0:00. Settings. Fullscreen. 13 comments. share. save. hide Your disc drive isn't opening. Source: lifehacker.com.au. 5 common Xbox 360 problems and how to fix them (medium) 1. You are stuck on a specific splash screen. Source: seventech.org. An Xbox can sometimes take its time when booting and turning on. However, if you've been waiting for longer than five minutes trying to move on to the next.

How to Manually Eject a Stuck Disc in the PlayStation 4

How to Force Eject a Disc Stuck in Your Xbox 360: 5 Step

XBox360 stuck/jammed DVD drive fix - YouTub

  1. Discs getting stuck is the main issue Xbox Series X owners are experiencing, but some are also reporting a clicking sound from the console after inserting a disc or while installing a game
  2. Always wipe from the center out when cleaning a disc. 2. Try the disc in another Xbox 360 if possible to see if the disc is damaged. 3. Try to clear the Xbox 360 system cache. 4. Try to play the game with the hard drive removed, and with all memory modules removed. If you continue to get disc read errors and you're sure the disc is not the.
  3. And yes, it will get stuck every time. Its a mechanical problem with the drive.[/quote] I just pulled it lightly after the manual eject button got it out half an inch. And is there a way to fix the problem?[/quote]Buy a new Xbox DVD drive. They aren't hard to replace. Its exactly the same as replacing a normal computer disk drive
  4. Fix 3: This fix will try and make it easier for your XBOX to read a disc by making the disc easier to read. We do this by taking a disc out running some cool water over the disc and then gently drying it either by dabbing it or by rubbing the disc from the inside to the outside of the disc. Then just put the disc back into the xbox
  5. Find a large paper clip and straighten it, or locate something of similar thickness with at least an inch of length. On the left-hand side of the original Xbox console, slightly above and to the..
  6. Well one problem may be that the xbox was on it's side when I tried to open the tray. The tray failed to open because quite carelessly I let an object sit in front of the disc tray. At this point i'm already nervous because my Saints Row 3 game got the circular scratch on it recently. Anyway, I lifted the xbox back to it's vertical position and opened the tray

i have this problem too. usually it will work though if i leave a game in the disc tray. empty it seems to get stuck a lot more. if your xbox is past warranty there are some solutions to fix it on your own. ive looked into it, but never actually did it as it's only an occasional problem for me. i may decide to in the future though go to youtube and watch SEVERAL videos for fixes. the. I load my Xbox 360 and sign into my Xbox Live Account. It then signs in successfully but gets stuck at the loading circles. It works on a rare occasion. As a result, I cannot access my Xbox Live Dashboard. I can only play games by immediately loading from the disc. While its stuck on the loading screen, I'm able to access the Xbox Guide try Powering it off fully and wait 60 seconds and then disconnect the console from power. If possible close the drive (while powering down and if that fails when console is powered down. Just don't force anything. Also be sure to check if Eject button somehow is stuck pressed in or not For DG-16D2S & DG-16D2S-09C Drives. As Required,These are SBS Square Type Belts For All XBOX 360 Drives Used to Fix the Stuck Tray, Open Tray and Sticky Tray Issues Due to a Stretched or Worn Out Factory Belt Our Belts are Made of High Quality Rubbe any disk trapped in the console. Microsoft can still run the console service or a used Xbox 360 S can be found for less than $100. Xbox 360 And Turn off the console and disconnect all the cables that run it. Move the console horizontally and look for a yellow sticker in the air intakes on the left side of the console. Straighten a lon

Repairing Xbox 360 Stuck Optical Drive - iFixit Repair Guide

One of the things that you could try is to verify the disc's type, region, and format. You can do this by looking at the packaging of the game disc. Since the 360 Xbox console cannot play all the Xbox games you need to check whether the disc is an Xbox 360 game or not. Xbox 360 games are clearly specified on the packaging of the disc A firmware chip is attached to the ribbon cable on the circuit board of each drive. Remove these chips and swap them by taking the circuit board from the old drive and hooking it up to the new drive. Reassemble both the drives and insert the new drive into your Xbox 360. This should work and fix your DVD drive problem Details about Microsoft Xbox 360 FOR PARTS, DISK DRIVE STUCK See original listing. Microsoft Xbox 360 FOR PARTS, DISK DRIVE STUCK: Condition: For parts or not working. Ended: Dec 01, 2020. Price: US $13.99. Shipping: $9.99 Standard Shipping | See details . Item location: Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States.

disc tray on Xbox 360 is stuck open - Xbox 360 - iFixi

10 x DVD Drive Replacement Belt Ring for Xbox 360 and DVD Drives Stuck Open Tray. $5.49. Free shipping. 10PCS DVD Disk Drive Rubber Belts for Xbox 360 Microsoft Stuck Disc Tray. $1.76 2pcs For Xbox 360 Xbox360 Slim Game DVD Disk Drive Stuck Open Tray Belts ===== Description: Please note it is not original. 1000PCS/LOT For Xbox 360 Xbox360 Slim Game DVD drive belt rubber belt Disk Drive Stuck Open Tray Replacement Belts Model #: DBRRJD-331 Return Policy: View Return Polic Ill be showing you how to open a Xbox 360 Slim DVD drive when it is stuck/broke and will not come out. So heres the tutorial: Step 1) Get a paper clip Step 2) lay your xbox flat like this: Click to View Content [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] step 3) Rip off the left grill Ketofa 10 Pack Genuine Replacement Square Drive Belts for XBOX 360 Optical DVD Drive Repair Stuck Tray (SBS Square Type, Bulk Lot of 10 belts) OOOUSE 4.5 out of 5 stars 17 Pretty sure my Xbox 360 Slim has died, and my Black Ops disc is stuck inside. We'll probably have to send the xbox away to get repaired, but is there some way to get the disc out? Obviously it's going to get damaged in the process, and I'm not paying another $80/$90 for a new one. Thanks, your help is appreciated

How to Fix a Stuck Xbox 360 (or PC) Disc Tray | Xbox, XboxHow To Manually Eject Disc From Xbox One

Halo 3 is stuck inside your Xbox 360 and you want to get it out. There is a way to manually remove it. First you will want to unplug the power for a few minutes to let your Xbox reset. Re-attach the power cord and see if you can now eject your DVD If you need info about how to remove an Xbox 360 hard drive or a disc that's stuck in any Xbox console with a disc drive, see: Add or remove an Xbox 360 hard drive Manually eject your Xbox 360 console disc tra Here's how to safely clean a laser lens: Use CleanDr Laser Lens Cleaner for Xbox. CleanDr is the go-to solution for repairing and cleaning both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One laser lens. Here's how it works. Simply insert the CleanDr disc into your Xbox 360 or Xbox One DVD tray (with the graphics side facing up). It will automatically play All disc drives are supposed to have that very button. OP: Yeah, I've been having the same issues. Usually I can just wait a minute and push the eject button again, or turn it off and wait, but if that doesn't work then I have to turn the console off, pop the face plate off, push the aforementioned eject button with a pen or something, and then.

While my disc tray was open, I tried to walk by and get a game. I bumped into my tray, and its stuck. My xbox sits horizontally. I tried a couple things, wiggled it, and it just doesn't want to budge. It looks like the tray is off track. I know i can send it back to Microsoft because I got it for Christmas and I know the warranty isn't up. I'm a little scared to send it because the tray might. Return an Xbox One that has a grinding disc drive. Some original Xbox One consoles have been reported to make a grinding noise when running a disc; in some cases, these drives have also scratched or broken the disc in question. Since this is a well-documented problem, Microsoft will replace your Xbox One if you send it in How to fix a disc drive on xbox one Hi guys, This will show you how to fix your stuck Xbox 360 Disc tray, feel free to comment, send any suggestions and questions.This way is the best and healthiest way to open a stuck disc tray! It's simple, when you hear the Xbox 360 disc tray trying to open simple put your credit card or any flexible car Xbox 360 Powers On Stuck Disc Drive Parts or Repair). Condition is For parts or not working. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options Microsoft Xbox 360 White Console Only Repair or For Parts STUCK DISC DRIVE As Is. Condition is For parts or not working. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail

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I've experienced stuck drives and constantly ejecting drives from Samsung but the laser is always good. I've encountered one Philips dvd drive and its laser failed. 1. Samsung 2. Thomsom 3. Philips Thanks! Sometime ago, I found a site showing all dvd drives and how to find out which brand is it, based on the design of the tray Locate the orange/yellow circle. It's located on the left side of the console, right behind the vents. The eject hole on an Xbox One S is located at the second hole on the left from the right corner and the third hole up from the bottom Item Type: DVD Drive Rubber Belt. Made of high-quality rubber material, durable, elastic and nontoxic for us to use. 10PCS DVD Disk Drive Belts Rubber for Xbox 360 Microsoft Stuck Disc Tray | eBa Disc two for Xbox is merely to stream off of, and to have in your system as an anti-piracy prerequisite I believe, I doubt companies ever come out and say it, but as far as you having the physical game on a disc (ownership remains theirs of the content within) the system can verify an original disc and pass that info along when connected

1000PCS/LOT For Xbox 360 Xbox360 Slim Game DVD drive belt rubber belt Disk Drive Stuck Open Tray Replacement Belts. Model #: DBRRJD-331 Return Policy: View Return Policy $89.50 I have the launch Xbox 360 (White) with the white disc tray and it wont open for anything and i tried sticking a clip in the hole and it wont manually eject the tray either does anyone have any solutions i really dont wanna buy another xbox right no So you've watched this video, done your research, and decided that you want to flash the firmware on your XBox 360 with a LiteOn DG-16D2S rev. 7485 disc drive. Good for you! This video will walk you through the whole process. Be very careful, as messing up in small ways at any point can ruin the results which, when done properly, are really awesome pcs Mix Cassette Rubber Flat Belt Cassette Machine for DVD Drive Xbox 360 Repair Rebuild Common Flat Belt Repair Rebuild. Games&Tech 2 x Optical DVD Drive Replacement Belt Ring for Xbox 360 and DVD Drives Stuck Open Tray. Type: Repair; Xbox 360 Fat (20 GB) Hard Disk Drive HDD for Microsoft Xbox 360 Console (Fat Console Only/Not Slim). How To Fix Your Xbox 360 Disk Drive: Open Tray, Stuck Tray :: Login/Create an Account:: 0 comments If you would like to post a comment please signin to your account or register for an account . Related Tutorial

Some gamers report that the Xbox 360 seemingly and inexplicably scratches game discs despite following Microsoft's directions for correct console usage. Stuck on every new Xbox 360 console over the.. I was at a party, and my friends said my Xbox started vibrating and they were freaking out. I try and play Halo the next day, and my drive won't open or read the disc. I take off the faceplate and notice that my Halo 3 disc is stuck above the tray, and I am having trouble opening the tray or pushing the disc back in. Somebody have this problem before and/or know how to fix it My Xbox 360 won't turn on, no matter what I've tried. Even worse, I have a game disc stuck inside it, and I can't eject it, because again, it won't even turn on. How am I supposed to get it out? Please, any help would be appreciated The Xbox 360 ejects a disc tray for loading game discs into the DVD drive. A stuck or jammed disc. 11 Mar 2012. Once you have found someone to repair your Xbox 360 for the disc read Replacing the CD / DVD drive belt. Open the drive door manually with a paper clip if you can't open it with the eject button. Remove the old drive belt with the paperclip from the small pulley side, then remove it from the larger pulley. Selecting a new drive belt

xbox 360 disk drive stuck :/ : xbox360 - reddit

If your Xbox 360 is running slowly, or your games are lagging, you may need to clear your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) cache. Clearing the cache gives your Xbox 360 more random data storage area, making your console run faster and complete disk ops much quicker. Method 1 Clear system cache under Device Options Upgrade to wikiHow Pro and go ad fre There are Three motors inside the xbox 360 disc drive. a disc tray Loading motor for tray eject or load, Sled motor that drives the optical laser assembly, and the spindle motor. Its main function is to spin the disc inside the drive continuously during game play or movie viewing If the disc drive is still stuck closed, insert the paper clip into the adjacent hole (to the right) and push again. If you're successful, the disc tray will pop out slightly. Now plug the power cord into the back of the console. Press the eject button to open and close disc drive

Fixing a Stuck Original Xbox Tray - YouTub

Cheap Replacement Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:10PCS DVD Disk Drive Rubber Belts Replacement for Xbox 360 Microsoft Stuck Disc Tray Accessories Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return I just fitted a mod chip to my Crystal Limited edition 1.4 Xbox last week. Stuck a 160gb drive and a Samsung drive. Had to do an LPC rebuild and everything. Suprisingly easy (given my crappy soldering skills), the hardest part was the D0 wire soldering and even that only took three or four goes to get it to stick

FriskyTanuki said The Xbox has a little pinhole between the second controller slot and eject button that works pretty much the same as the manual eject hole on any current CD/DVD drive for a PC. All you'd have to do is take a paper clip and straighten it out and stick it in that hole and it'll open up With the Xbox 360 i did put sellotape around the screw driver so it didnt scratch it with the first xbox i took the case off and then helped it pull out, you need a certain type of screw driver although a flat head one might do it. you have to remove the pads and sticker to get to the screws (all under the xbox Austin, TX Xbox Repair Call Us For a Free Quote: No appointment needed! · We repair Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S Remove Stuck Discs We can help you get a stuck disc out of your Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Call for pricing Xbox One HDMI Port Replacement No picture on your Xbox Xbox 360 and Xbox One Repair in Austin, TX Read More Xbox 360 stuck in update loop. Discussion in 'Software' started by 3headed monkey, Aug 22, You do not have to use a disc for updating the Xbox 360. What exactly are you trying to do with this Xbox gaming system? brownizs, Aug 22, which would also erase the hard drive, which may correct the issue.. Cheap Replacement Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:10PCS DVD Disk Drive Rubber Belts Replacement for xbox 360 Stuck Disc Tray Accessories Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return

xbox 360 Do Not Move Your Xbox While A Disc Is In The Drive. 12.20 He sought out the publisher for a replacement and has been stuck without the game for several weeks while the company spins. If you are hoping to open a Xbox 360 controller, you will need a Security Torx T8H. The best ones I've found are from Llamma's Tool Section. Small Flathead Screwdrivers/Paper Clips - Used to hold open the friction locks of the 360 front cover. You can also use paper clips if you desire Getting a Xbox disk scratched is easy, but the hard part is getting it to work again. You can go to Gamestop and buy the disk skip fixer, but it will not fix the perfect circle scratches. Take the disk out of the Xbox Your Xbox 360 disc tray may get stuck in the open position from time to time. Here are some steps to try if it's stuck open and the eject button won't close it. 1. If the eject button works and it tries to close, but opens again once it gets close to the faceplate, check to make sure your faceplate is pushed all the way in. Push the. If your Xbox One isn't allowing you to eject a disc, shut it down and restart it, then try to eject the game again. You can also manually eject a disc from an Xbox One console by using a paperclip.

First of all, remove the Xbox 360 drive from the Xbox and turn over the drive so that it shows the belly. You will find four screws and a warranty sticker. Cut the warranty sticker carefully. Take a screwdriver to unscrew all the four screws and put them aside carefully HDMI Port • Stuck Disc / Won`t Read Located in what may be the most convenient location in Mississauga on City Centre Drive, TechKnow Space offers the most competitive phone repair prices around. Depending on the problem your XBox 360 is having and whether diagnostics efforts are required your XBox repair may take from 1 to 3 business. Hey, I went straight to Microsoft Xbox website. Their solution worked for us when our Xbox would not play discs. Go to Settings > Memory.Highlight any storage device and press Y.Do not select A. Select Clear System Cache.Perform Maintenance, click Yes.Next try your game to see if it works No, the old 360 drive will work with no additional work as long as it's an original 360 drive. The only thing you would probably have to do is transfer the licenses over since it's a different console. Otherwise, you would have to be logged into Xbox Live for the games on the drive to work DON'T USE A KNIFE, for the love of anything holy, don't use ANYTHING metallic to open the disc drive. I like the idea of putting it up on its side, give that a try. When mine gets stuck (mine sits horizontally), I gently knock a couple times on the case above the disc drive

Xbox 360 Phat Model Update Problems

How to Fix a stuck disc drive on your XBox 360 « Xbox 360

I received the 360 red X Box when my Son passed away, I have all his discs but it wasn't reading most of the time. Blew it out with air compressor worked for awhile. Then made up a disc with the micro fiber, you have to have it pretty flat, no wrinkles. Stuck the disc in a few times, you could see it moved. Tried my disc again and WOW they all. Now, there's absolutely nothing stopping you installing disc two - the 'play' disc - onto the hard drive too, using the Xbox 360's dashboard to do so. It takes up an additional 7.8GB of storage Early Xbox Series X adopters are reporting issues with their disk drives, which are abnormally loud, sometimes click and whirr — if they accept the game at all. Microsoft has not yet commented. How To: Fix a stuck disc drive on your XBox 360 How To: Fix your computer when it won't recognize your CD or DVD disc drive How To: Rig skip baits using a whole fish for fishing How To: Fix the open tray problem on your XBox 360

Tutorial How To Fix Your Xbox 360 Disk Drive: Open Tray

1- On my Xbox 360 dashboard, I go to Redeem Code, and proceed to enter in all the codes I received with my game. (Expansion Pass, Digital Content Pack, Red Sparrow, and Vanguard Armory.) 2- I successfully download all 4 items to my flash drive, and then copy them to my hard drive. At this point there is apx. 28 GB free on my HDD This is a temporary fix if your red ring of death has come right as you unwrapped the packaging on FIFA15 and are ready to just punish that stupid game box. Grab four or five towels. Remove any games, hard drives, or controllers. Then, wrap your Xbox 360 with the towels completely. Plug your system into the wall socket and let it run for 20.

How to manually eject disc from xbox 360Cinghia DI TRASMISSIONE PER XBOX ONE MICROSOFT elasticoWTB: Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Console複線ポイントレール④: SketchUpでプラレール

When a game or DVD gets stuck in the disc drive on your PlayStation 3, don't reach for that butter knife just yet. Digging in there with a serrated blade will do way more harm than good. If your disc has been devoured by your PS3, the only true way to make it puke it out is to open that sucker up and perform some minor console surgery Okay, the Xbox 360 could be loud. Like, really loud. The original, fat 360 was known for an overactive fan, made worse when games were played on disc rather than installed on the tiny hard. Xbox 360 consoles are manufactured by Microsoft Corp. and are equipped with internal DVD drives that play game and movie discs. These DVD drives are assigned unique .BIN firmware keys that are required to customise the console. You may want to replace the DVD drive if it fails or becomes defective Console's disc drive is defective. If your Xbox One console won't read any disc that you insert, it's possible that the problem may not be the discs themselves but the disc reader

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