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Also in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb...) Also in a sentence 1 Wahtever a man sow, that shall he also reap. 2 No answer is also answer Also is a conjunctive adverb. This means that it is used to connect two independent clauses together and to show the relationship between them. In the case of also, the connection between the two clauses tends to be one of addition. In other words, also is used when creating a list and you want to add something to that list

Examples of also in a Sentence She's a talented singer and also a fine actress. Thomas Edison is best known for inventing the lightbulb, but he also invented the phonograph Example sentences with Also. 32 sentence examples - proper usage in context.

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English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word Also in Example Sentences Page 1. 262358 I also went. CK 1 2955510 Tom also saw it. CK 1 321982 I also like cake. CK 1 2272920 Tom is also deaf. CK 1 2745139 I also like candy. CK 1 262342 I also went there The record blended the band's sonic experiments from their last albums, but also went for a more basic rock sound. These photo collages not only represent movement, but also time moving through space. Roman art is sometimes viewed as derived from Greek precedents, but also has its own distinguishing features. The National Gallery of Art thus showcases art made in the United States, but also. If there is an auxiliary in the sentence alsogoes after the auxiliary. we put alsoafter the first one. Our little son returned from the supermarket yesterday and was very upset. He had bought some apples an oranges Also is a conjunctive adverb. An adverb is a word that modifies an adjective or verb. It helps to give a relation of place, manner, cause, time, and the degree to the rest of the sentence. In short, it gives you the word to describe things

also (adv): as well; too Listen to all | All sentences (with pause When you start a sentence with And also, you commit double cheesiness, plus incurring grammar girl's wrath against redundancy. Redundancy is used in some languages to establish emphasis Also, his eccentric plots often reveal hope in the midst of despair. Notice here how the rest of the sentence can stand on its own without also. And No. If also is part of a complement in an inverted sentence pattern, then you do not need to put a comma after it. Example: John Tallman was slated to dive for the U.S. team Example Sentences for also Use also in a sentence. Since you have already also become an adult, you must become independent economically from your parents. It must also be said that spotting what is important in current science is a matter of judgement, one cannot know that one is right. Man is also an animal in a broad sense Examples of also in a sentence: 1. He also affected a khaki cardigan jacket. 2. The mule driver also is a man of parts. 3. If we reject the one, we must also reject the other

Not only but also - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionar The following is a mini-tutorial on the use of the words also, too and either. After you have studied the tutorial, complete the associated exercises. If you already know how to use these words, you can skip the explanation and go directly to the exercises

Also is an adverb here; it modifies or gives more information about the word changing. Because of the construction of your sentence, there's no further punctuation needed here for also. Just like with other adverbs, you'd need a comma after it if you were using it to begin a sentence: Also, he ate twelve bananas If you use also as a conjunctive adverb at the beginning of the second clause of a compound sentence, you use a comma: I did not like it that much. Also, it was too expensive. Note: The first clause must end with either a period or a semicolon. Co.. 9- I also went. 10- He saw it also. 11- He will also go. 12- I also like cake. 13- I also went there. 14- She's also a beauty. 15- I also stopped sleeping. 16- He can also speak French. 17- He was also kind to animals. 18- My parents also have a farm. 19- I also had a very good time. 20- No answer is also an answer. 21- I also heard a similar.

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that is some word is make me confuse, in the sentence, we normally write can also or also can?? Dec 01 2008 10:23:43. tan_rixco; 1 2. It may go in either position in most situations, I think, but the normal position is after the auxiliary: may also, can also, should also, etc. Usage examples for also in English. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab.la is not responsible for their content. English The Council' s Legal Service, when consulted on the matter, said that the Commission could also have taken - and. The place that Also takes in a sentence decides what the sentence would mean: to further explain, even if words in a sentence do not change, it is the particular place which Also occupies in the sentence that the meaning of the sentence gets changed Find 26 ways to say ALSO, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

Er isst kein Fleisch, wir müssen also vegetarisch kochen. And it can also be used at the beginning of a sentence, in which case you need to invert verb and subject (keep in mind that in German the rule is that the verb goes in second position), as in: Also hast du nichts gegessen OR Er isst kein Fleisch, also müssen wir vegetarisch kochen Also, at the beginning means, roughly, in addition to what I have just told you, I am telling you what follows after the comma. But also not followed by a comma means that what follows is a factor in addition to those previously mentioned

The words too and also generally do not need commas with the exception of also at the beginning of the sentence.. Historically too and also had commas before them at the end of the sentence. Since the words are just plain adverbs, there was never really a need to use those commas. They have been dropped — many years ago, in fact Examples of will also in a sentence: 1. She will also overlook your wardrobe. 2. And your husband will also remember you. 3. This will also flavour it finely

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  1. The second part of the sentence is normal. After but also, just use the simple past. You don't need to use an auxiliary verb there. You can also use this construction in the future. Not only will you learn grammar in my advanced English grammar course, you'll also put it into practice. In this case, the auxiliary verb is will
  2. Lily eats not only string beans but also broccoli (Merriam-Webster 2017). In this sentence, two nouns ('string beans' and 'broccoli') have been used, ensuring this construction is parallel. An incorrect version of this might be: Lily eats not only string beans but also runs
  3. Subject + Verb + not only + Adverb + but also + Adverb. Ex; He speaks Spanish not only naturally but also fluently. Ex; Mark works not only careless but also hasty. Subject + Verb + not only + Noun + but also + Noun. Ex; I like not only cheesecake but also cake. Ex; They visited not only Germany but also Spanish. Subject + not only + Verb + but.
  4. Hi folks, I would be very grateful if someone might be able, please, to confirm which of the following two sentences is correct with regards to the placement of the word also: He and Splint also had to deal with: no T.V., no radio, no books or Playboy, and only one visitation per three months. He and Splint had to also deal with: no T.V., no radio, no books or Playboy, and only one.

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Example Sentences for also known as Crime is present in various forms in Burma, also known as Myanmar Typhoid fever was also known as suette milliaire in nineteenth-century France; In Finland, he is often called ' Litti ', which dates from his early years, and is also known as ' Kuningas '; The bouquets handed to medal recipients incorporated foliage from the Grevillea baileyana, also known. 151+1 sentence examples: 1. Peter Wilson, also known as 'the Tiger'. 2. Arabian jam is also known as angels' hair preserve, or more prosaically as carrot jam. 3. Asteroids, also known as minor planets , are numerous in the outer space. Credence in a Sentence We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience Use the abbreviation i.e. when you want to add on to the first part of a sentence and give the reader more information. The information should explain the first part of the sentence in more detail so the reader understands it better. For example, you may write, I am a vegan, i.e.

focusing adverbs: even, only, also, mainly, just . adverbs of time: already, still, yet, finally, eventually, soon, last, just: He is only five years old. We don't even know his name. We've already eaten dinner. He also rents chainsaws. I am finally ready. He is still planning to go tonight. We just finished painting the house. after BE ver used in the place of 'also' or to introduce extra facts. Examples of Additionally in a sentence. We started out with just one floor, but additionally, another was added. . The suspect was additionally charged with murder after being arrested for robbery earlier in the day. How to Diagram A Sentence Start with the key elements: subject and verb. Simply put, the subject tells you what the sentence is about; the verb tells you what the subject is doing. If you're feeling rusty about identifying the different parts of a sentence, you may want to do a quick review before you attempt to diagram Also How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One. HarperCollins, 2011) The Lighter Side of Sentences . Some authors a humorous view of a sentence: One day the Nouns were clustered in the street. An adjective walked by, with her dark beauty. The Nouns were struck, moved, changed

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An example of this usage of 'also' to start a sentence is: 'The insurance covered the damage fee. Also, it paid for the hospital expenses.' Other situations where 'also' is used is when 1.) it will be used as a sentence modifier: Ivan also speaks French as well as Diana Talking about opening a sentence with hence, the sentence can come only if there's a cause before it. There are also sentences that have no commas anywhere near hence. Generally, the structure of a sentence clearly indicates whether it should have a comma with hence, like the sentences above Sentence definition is - a word, clause, or phrase or a group of clauses or phrases forming a syntactic unit which expresses an assertion, a question, a command, a wish, an exclamation, or the performance of an action, that in writing usually begins with a capital letter and concludes with appropriate end punctuation, and that in speaking is distinguished by characteristic patterns of stress. If someone were to ask you, What is the main verb in a sentence? How would you define it? Main verbs, also known as principal verbs can stand alone, with or without helping verbs. Read on to learn more You probably also know that thus, therefore, and hence mean basically the same as so, and you are wondering what the difference is. If this is the case, this article is just for you

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Alternatives to starting a sentence with because 'Because' can also be used in the middle of a sentence. In this case, we don't use a comma to split the two clauses. Here are some examples: He was late for school because he missed the bus. They didn't pass their exams because they wasted a lot of time on social media Sentence types can also be combined. A compound-complex sentence contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. Key: independent clause = yellow, bold; comma or semicolon = pink, regular font; coordinating conjunction = green, underlined; dependent clause = blue, italics She completed her literature review, but she still needs to work on her methods section even. Alert! Rather can also be an adverb. Don't forget that rather can also be used as an adverb to mean something like very. If your sentence uses rather in this way, but rather is actually not a phrase because rather should be associated with the word that follows it When an adverbial phrase begins a sentence, it's often followed by a comma but it doesn't have to be, especially if it's short. As a rule of thumb, if the phrase is longer than about four words, use the comma. You can also use a comma with a shorter phrase when you want to emphasize it or add a pause for literary effect

You can also take out the other person to see if the sentence sounds right with me or I Wrong: He went to the party with I. Right: He went to the party with me. Alot and a lot: This is just a standard misspelling. A lot is two words, meaning there is a great quantity of something. Wrong: I love you alot. Right: I love you a lot Using Besides in a Sentence. Besides can be used either as a preposition meaning in addition or an adverb meaning moreover, and it is a little less stiff and formal to use than those two terms It's difficult to see when available in a sentence . March results on the political questions, when available, are in parentheses. Lady students were accommodated in Ayurvedic College hostel building when available. Even the Communist bicycles ( when available) were more solid, some say. It also flies to catch aerial prey, like insects, when. How to Use Yet in a Sentence. Yet is a useful word in the English language, as it allows you to be more clear in a sentence. Yet can be used as an adverb, to discuss an additional idea, or to emphasize a feeling or thought. It can also..

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www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use known as in a sentence By around 3300 B. C., farming villages along the Nile River were united in 2 kingdoms, known as Upper and Lower Egypt. Richard Dawkins once stated that we are survival machines - robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known. I also found an example in I didn't need only in my original sentence. I have defined the ones I didn't know. John hit Peter in the nose. No one else hit Peter. John hit Peter in the nose, but didn't do anything else to him. Learn more. Read my post on the position of adverbs in a sentence If someone were to ask you, What is the subject of a sentence, you can reply that it's the noun that is doing or being something. To be complete, every sentence needs a subject. Read on to learn more

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Rephrase and Reword Confusing Sentences and Enhance Your Writing. Try Now for Free! Improve Grammar, Word Choice, and Sentence Structure in Your Papers. It's Free Also in a sentence | also example sentences. But it can also be. I was up there also. He was also one of. He also had a visitor. I like to party also. You can try them also. I am also a mutant. I also heard Jack in. He was also offered a. I also love you dearly. I also hated every God Also, it paid for the hospital expenses.' Other situations where 'also' is used is when 1.) it will be used as a sentence modifier: Ivan also speaks French as well as Diana. Notice that the adverb 'also' in this sentence is placed before the verb. 2. And/or (also and or) is a grammatical conjunction used to indicate that one or more of the cases it connects may occur. It is used as an inclusive or (as in logic and mathematics), while an or in spoken language might be inclusive or exclusive

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2 Responses to 5 Erroneously Constructed Not Only . . . But Also Sentences Paul Baldwin on January 11, 2013 6:23 pm. I am confused by the fourth example. The rule and the corrected sentence seem to be contradictory. Larry S on January 11, 2013 8:09 p Also, what is the difference between: 比, 比较, and 较? How would you use them in a sentence? I do not have a certain context in mind, anything works! (It would be nice to have the sentences short, since it would be a lot easier for me to understand. Thank you very much! 谢谢

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If my reader cannot instantly know what this is, then my sentence is ambiguous and misleading. Also, do not rely on unclear pronoun references to avoid responsibility: They say that . . . Parallelism. Music in prose is often the result of parallelism, the deliberate repetition of larger structures of phrases, even clauses and whole sentences A dependent clause is also called a subordinate clause.. The above sentences are basic examples only. In some cases other arrangements are possible (for example, a dependent clause can come before an independent clause)

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Adjectives can also serve as a compliment to linking verbs. Linking verbs are verbs that derive from to be, such as are, is, am, and was. Also, anything describing a sensory experience or state of being can be an adjectival phrase. That child sure is joyful Too. Use too as a synonym for also or to indicate excessiveness before a verb. Usually, if you can replace too with also in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly.. Examples I am going to the mall, too. I had too many tacos for lunch Answer: Using one of the connecting transition words is a good way to link one sentence with another. You can also use since. Other good choices are because, moreover, additionally, and furthermore. Which one you use depends on the relationship between the two sentences. Here is an example As you can tell, there are many more subordinates than there are coordinates. In fact, this isn't even half of the words in a subordinate conjunctions list you can use to show importance between two clauses. Either way, let's look at a few examples of sentences using words on a subordinating conjunctions list:. Jason went to get a drink of water before his exam started

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A sentence is a group of words that has a subject and verb (also called a predicate) and completes a thought. All sentences have to have at least a subject and a verb, but most have more. These other possible parts of a sentence include objects (direct and indirect), complements, phrases, and clauses Learning the capitalization rules when it comes to English can be confusing at first. Ease your puzzlement with these rules laid out simply for you

In English, it begins with a capital letter and ends with a full-stop, or a question mark, or an exclamation mark. The sentence is generally defined as a word or a group of words that expresses a thorough idea by giving a statement/order, or asking a question, or exclaiming Coordinating conjunctions, also called coordinators, are conjunctions that join, or coordinate, two or more items (such as words, main clauses, or sentences) of equal syntactic importance. In English, the mnemonic acronym FANBOYS can be used to remember the coordinators for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so Adverbs can also be used: She drove too slowly to arrive on time. We got home too late to see the beginning of the TV show. Too many and too much can also be used: There were too many people at the picnic to count. I had too much work to do yesterday. 8. Another special sentence structure with too: too + adjective + for someone/something. 1. The position of adverbs in sentences. We can put adverbs in different positions in sentences. There are three main positions but also a lot of exceptions. In English we never put an adverb between the verb and the object. correct: → We often play handball. incorrect: → We play often handball Just like starting a sentence with And, some people disapprove of starting a sentence with Also. It is true that also generally goes inside the sentence, but there is no objection in principle to starting one with it. Whether you say Also I would or I would also boils down to a matter of style. It is difficult to say whether or not a sentence starting with Also I would sounds natural.

Certainly, also could have been omitted, but the word does add some emphasis to both statements. In your own sentence, I concur that also should be removed probably because there's no besides or in addition involved. Different structure. I put the also in for the same reason that I put in redundantredundant A comma is a punctuation mark that indicates a pause in a sentence or separates items in a list. A comma is also used before the words and or but to join two independent clauses

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Inverted sentences are required with certain grammar structures, or used as a means of sentences stress or emphasis. Follow the instructions below to learn how and when inverted sentences are used in English Aka definition: aka is an abbreviation for 'also known as'. aka is used especially when referring to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Formal English: We use it when writing essays for school, cover letters to apply for jobs, or emails and letters at work. Informal English: We use it with friends, children, and relatives. The following list will help you to recognize the informal and formal ways of saying the same thing. The list is divided into sections of: verbs, transitions, emphasis words, abbreviations, and slang If at least 30% of the sentences in your text contain a transition word, the bullet will be green. You get an orange bullet if you use them in more than 20%, or in less than 30% of your sentences. The bullet will be red if less than 20% of the sentences of your text contain a transition word. That's less than 1 in 5 sentences An independent clause is also called a main clause because it contains a sentence's main idea, and as the main part, it isn't dependent on other clauses to make sense. But, a dependent clause relies on an independent clause to make a full sentence

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I also highly recommend Bryan Garner's Legal Writing in Plain English: A Text with Exercises (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001) for the exercises he has for rewriting sentences using and/or into sentences using proper English. Despite my conniption fits over and/or, I acknowledge it is not always obvious how to best. I seem to remember having it drilled into my head in grade school English classes that when too was being used to mean also, there was ALWAYS a comma before the word if it came at the end of a sentence, and there were ALWAYS commas before and after it if it appeared in the middle of a sentence. Like so You can also use them to connect paragraphs to give them coherence. Sentence connectors are usually placed at the beginning of a sentence and may be categorized as follows: CONTRAS sentence type typically used to make a statement (as opposed to a question or command) e.g: Tara works hard, It wasn't funny defining relative clause (also called restrictive relative clause) relative clause that contains information required for the understanding of the sentence; not set off with commas; see also non-defining claus Perhaps this means making your two sentences one - using and or but with a comma, rather than a period. You should also take into consideration what you are writing. Different types of writing call for different approaches. The use of and or but at the start of a sentence sometimes brings a sense of informality

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Sentence definition, a grammatical unit of one or more words that expresses an independent statement, question, request, command, exclamation, etc., and that typically has a subject as well as a predicate, as in John is here. or Is John here? In print or writing, a sentence typically begins with a capital letter and ends with appropriate punctuation; in speech it displays recognizable. Repeat with all five sample sentences. You may also want to work through additional direct object examples. Direct Objects Function and Position Activity. To expand on what students have learned about direct objects, go over the function and purpose of direct objects. Use the marked sentences written on the board to illustrate these concepts by. The Uses of One. As a determiner, the word one is sometimes used before a proper noun to designate, particularly, this person: He delivered the package to one Ronald Pepin of Colchester. The article a will also function in that position for the same purpose. Sometimes we use the word one as an adjective, as in I'll have just one scoop of ice-cream, and we seldom have trouble with that usage Conjunctions are words used to connect two parts of a sentence, such as 'but', 'and' and 'because'. The term 'but' connects two parts of a sentence while also setting up a contrast (e.g. 'It was delicious, but the texture was awful'). In these cases, 'but' can be substituted with one of the following: Although (e.g Example Sentences for may also be Urine levels of bilirubin may also be clinically significant; Aside from metadata pertaining to the audio content, tags may also be used for DRM; There is also pain in the muscles, cramps, etc., and there may also be autonomic dysfunction; A Snow Leopard-compatible version of QuickTime 7 may also be downloaded from Apple Support websit

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Not only and also are paired with but to add emphasis to two coordinated elements in a sentence. Only and also are focusing adverbs, not is a negative adverb and but is a coordinator for contrast. This paired expression is also called a correlative conjunction. NOUN PHRASES: Not only the movie but also the play was good. (verb agrees with 2nd. hello grammarians hello Rosie hi Paige so in this video we're going to talk about complex sentences we've talked in another video about simple and compound sentences so that is like one independent clause or two independent clauses and with a complex sentence we're going to introduce something called a dependent clause so a sentence needs at least one independent clause to function as a. 'slander of an official carried an eight-year prison sentence' 'He had also received separate suspended jail sentences for fraud offences.' 'Once the prison sentence imposed by the court has been served, one cannot say that the sentencing court had it in mind that the offender should be detained unless it was shown that he was no longer a danger. The Difference a Comma Makes. The word too is an adverb that indicates also or in addition. It most often shows up in the middle or at the end of a sentence. Most of the time you probably won't use a comma with too because your sentences will be chugging along without needing a pause. So you could say, I too like reading mysteries or I like reading mysteries. When to use i.e. in a sentence. A guide explaining when to use i.e. instead of e.g. More grammar comics from The Oatmeal. Thanks to Library Lady Jane for all her help in writing these grammar guides over the years. If you would like a regular serving of grammar-related awesomeness every day,. Learning the other sentence structures will also help with punctuating sentences correctly. Interactive Exercise Here are three randomly selected questions from a larger exercise, which can be edited, printed to create an exercise worksheet, or sent via email to friends or students

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